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Welcome to Sleeping Dog Farm. Sleeping Dog Farm (SDF) was created with the intention of giving space for people to come together in a safe place to move towards wholeness of mind and body and to work on the healing of personal, community and ecological issues. SDF operates with non-profit principles and is based predominantly on trade for those of us who live and work here. All income brought into the farm is used to sustain farm operations, subsidize organizations who do not have enough income to pay our rates, and fund programs aimed at reducing our environmental impact. We aim to be a model of sustainability as we are a certified organic farm, supplying not only our catered meetings on the farm but our guests with wonderful fresh produce almost year round. We are a working farm with chickens, horses and over an acre in orchard fruits. Our buildings are environmentally conscious: constructed with FSC certified wood from sustainable sources, recycled materials when possible, no VOC paint, and minimal use of synthetic fibres. Our Sanctuary and Guesthouse are wheelchair accessible.


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