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My history as a social worker/social justice activist brought me along the path to creating SDF as a place for the community to gather to support each other in healing: personal, interpersonal, political or environmental ~ realizing they are all connected. In part the desire to create SDF arose from a realization that unless we start to create what we want to see in the world, our resistance against inequality, exploitation and oppression would have certain limitations. Throughout my work as a counsellor I’ve come understand that as oppression/injury occurs in the scope of community (whether that be family or larger community) the healing may also require a community to fully regain what was once lost. I believe that in order to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet we need to come together in a place that nourishes and supports our growth, physically and emotionally. I felt the lack of an accessible site in Victoria and decided to see what I could do to make it happen.


As with every good story, there are many people behind the scene. In the case of SDF this is most certainly true with the gifts and talents of numerous gardeners, carpenters, and visionaries on the project. Yet instrumental to the creation and support of SDF was my Father, Jim Drumheller (1918-2008). In 2000 I approached my Dad with the idea of creating a non-profit healing centre. While my Father was a successful businessman, he understood the importance of giving back and it was through his spiritual beliefs that he reflected on the grace in his life and translated that awareness into the financial gift of assisting SDF to become a sustainable project. The farm now stands as a tribute to his generosity and willingness to support the healing work of so many people and communities.


At SDF my role is to work with retreat organizers with bookings, event details, catering, and accommodation requests. I also oversee the gardens and do some of that work as well (we have one paid staff person ~ a part time gardener). I manage all major projects on the farm and research ways in which to make SDF as sustainable as possible while working within a tight budget. 


In addition to my work at SDF, I work at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital as a counsellor in the Palliative Care unit.


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